– is the independent reporting office for anti-Semitism in Schleswig-Holstein. We document anti-Semitically motivated incidents and assess them systematically. Our goal is to ascertain the extent of the phenomenon and the forms and focal points it takes. Our work is guided by international standards. Affected persons and their relatives and acquaintances as well as witnesses or people who have learned of anti-Semitic incidents by some other means can report to us. We also register incidents that have not (yet) been reported to the police or are not criminal offenses. We essentially treat all information confidentially. We only use data in an anonymized form that does not allow any inferences back to natural persons.


The goal of our work is to make the phenomenon of anti-Semitism visible in Schleswig-Holstein, for example with targeted publicity work. The data we collect forms the empirical basis for a perspectival development of preventative, educational and intervention measures. This promotes not least of all the articulation of opposition and solidarity with the affected persons. 


Anti-Semitic incidents are various in nature. LIDA-SH registers among other things physical attacks, threats, property damage, graffiti, insults, hate comments and emails as well as propaganda material such as inflammatory writings, flyers, posters or stickers. If you have registered an anti-Semitic incident or are affected yourself, please contact us.